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Foundrop Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Nationwide, police departments collectively receive found property by the millions, where it often sits on shelves unclaimed and is not connected to cases or victims. Foundrop makes these matches and can quickly reunite owners with their property.

Foundrop for universities


Students and staff lose things, and the hardest part is reuniting those missing items to the owners after they are found. Foundrop provides a revolutionary platform for you to quickly and easily reunite those valuables and become the campus hero.

The ultimate “get your stuff back” solution in the palm of your hand

Foundrop revolutionizes how owners are reunited with their missing property and most valued memories and treasures. 

Using the FREE Foundrop Mobile App or website, users can easily log or flag their missing valuables. Owners can even inventory valuables before they go missing. This simple process pushes that information into the secure Foundrop cloud database, so when a participating Foundrop agency recovers the missing property, they'll know who the owner is and notify them that it's been found — providing meaningful and rewarding outcomes for all stakeholders!

  • FREE to Search Foundrop’s national database for your missing valuables.
  • FREE to inventory your valuables before they go missing.
  • FREE to report missing or stolen valuables.
  • No one can see your inventoried property. You control your privacy.
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